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Protect and beautify your concrete investment

Homeowners appreciate concrete because it is a super durable material. To keep it looking great over time, however, concrete should be properly sealed. Concrete will last longer if treated with a waterproof sealer.

SOLIDForm Decorative Concrete is the go-to company for all your concrete sealing needs in the Northern Cincinnati region and the surrounding communities.

Don’t just hire anyone to handle your concrete sealing. Hire with confidence. Hire SOLIDForm Decorative Concrete.  Here is our process:

Remove furniture or any items on the area to be sealed

Power wash the area

Apply commercial grade sealer

Benefits of sealing your concrete


Repels water so that the surface dries faster.

Water when penetrating concrete can promote breakdown.

Water in the pours of the surface of concrete during winter months can freeze causing spider vanes, cracking, spaulding, and surface discoloration.

In the fall the color in leaves cherries and other debris can cause discoloration sometimes permanently; sealing helps protect the surface to reduce the risk of decaying debris.

If you have a stamped patio that has gone too long without sealing the UVs can break down the sealant, the texture, and the cause color fading.

 Sealing helps the longevity of your concrete.

Protecting your driveway can help defend against grease, oil, and other automotive chemicals that leak while parked. 

 Salt from your car or directly salting for snow and ice can cause surface damage faster and more harmfully to unsealed concrete. 

UV from the sun breaks down surface textures of concrete making them brittle. 

UV also breaks down sealant which is why you should reseal or treat your concrete with other products every 1-3 years depending on type of traffic, UV exposure, and whether or not it’s a stamped patio or a driveway.

Broom Finish Sealing

1st 750 sq. ft. |  $625

$1.00 per square foot after that

Stamped Finish Sealing

1st 500 sq. ft. |  $825

$1.00 per square foot after that

DIY Kits

1 Chemical Sprayer & 5-Gallon Bucket of Broom Sealer – $1,250

1 Chemical Sprayer & 5-Gallon Bucket of Stamped Sealer – $1,650

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