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Poly Armour®

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Poly Armour Chip™ floor

Step up to Poly Armour Chip, Armour Quartz, and Armour Tint flooring

Armour Chip™

An individual terrazo-style finish, that affords owners reduced upkeep with continuing durability. Preferred in retail locations, schools and residential garages.

Armour Quartz™

High strength colored quartz aggregate stratified between Poly Armour® coats to create an attractively textured floor. Ideal for parking decks, stadiums and commercial kitchens.

Armour Tint™

The quickest, most immediate way to create an attractive yet durable floor in most situations. Solid color or broadcast, it’s the preferred choice with contractors for saving time and labor while providing that sought after combination of strength and beauty.

Superior Durability

Low Temperature Cure

Fast Return to Service

Non-Yellow UV Stable

Non-VOC & Odor-Free Available

Poly Armour Chip™ layers

Armour Chip™ Colors

Poly Armour Quartz™ layers

Armour Quartz™ Colors

Poly Armour Tint™ layers

Armour Tint™ Colors

Chip, Quartz, & Solid Tint Concrete Projects

Poly Armour dyed garage floor
Poly Armour dyelayers

Stand out with a beautiful, custom Poly Armour Dye™ finish

With Poly Armour’s dye coating system, we can create a highly artistic yet durable surface. Often considered an alternative to polished concrete in situations requiring superior chemical & stain resistance.

SOLIDForm Decorative Concrete is your company for decorative and stamped concrete patios, driveways, fire pits, and now custom concrete coatings.

We are versed in multiple finishing techniques and have all the tools and skills to plot, grade, pour, and finish your concrete project exactly the way you want it. 

Don’t just hire anyone to handle your concrete needs. Hire with confidence. Hire SOLIDForm Decorative Concrete. 

Superior Durability

Low Temperature Cure

Fast Return to Service

Non-Yellow UV Stable

Armour Dye Color Chart

Dyed & Stained Concrete Projects